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Exploring your BDSM fetish has never been easier! We post dirty, kinky articles talking about anything from dominating sex related acts to the newest sex toys to spice up your BDSM fun. Our articles will give you new ideas on different positions you can put your new sex playmate in. Here you will discover new fetishes and will be able to get to know our BDSM community members too!

We want to make sure you get the most from your membership with us and find BDSM action. Every week we post kinky how to guides, dishing the dirt on the latest trends and sex tips! Explore BDSM in a discreet but dirty online space with horny singles that are ready to play around. Whether you are an experienced BDSM master or a complete newbie, our articles will help you get involved with our kinky community.

Satisfy your deepest sexual fantasies by reading our articles and connecting with singles that are waiting to meet new kinksters! Our writers are real BDSM lovers that want to share their experiences. They will be writing about where to get the best outfits, the latest sex toys and how to really give someone a good spanking. There is nothing left to the imagination, read articles to get tips on how to make your new lover orgasm like never before.

You will find there is more than ropes to use to tie your new pupil up with! Stay up to date with articles by checking the articles tab when you log in, but if you want to stay updated socially, then you can catch us on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Keep reading, we’re sure you will learn something new!

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If you're curious about BDSM UK and want to learn more, you're in the right place! BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism. It might sound a bit intimidating at first, but with the right knowledge and equipment, it can be a fun and fulfilling way to explore your sexuality. In the UK, there's a thriving BDSM UK community where you can find playmates and the best BDSM toys to enhance your experience. Let's dive in and learn more about finding BDSM UK playmates and toys in the UK.

Do you tremble at the idea of being taken from behind by a powerful Dom? Are you sexually submissive and eager to please and service your Master? Keen to feel the crack of a whip as it crashes against your pert buttocks? Well, listen up, sub, because we’re gonna tell you how to be submissive, and how to obey your Dom and reap the raunchy rewards…

Ready to bend your sub over and give them a good caning? Wanna gag them and lock them up in chastity so they have to beg you to cum? Pull their hair, spit on them, slap them across their pretty face? Well, listen up, because we’re gonna tell you how to be a good Dom that leaves your subs squirming in ecstasy and pleading for more! Intrigued? Read on…

'Tit tying' is a form of bondage that specifically involves tying the breasts in various artistic and restraining ways. This practice not only enhances physical sensations but also deepens the psychological play of power and surrender. Before diving into how it's done, it's important to understand what exactly tit tying involves and why us kinksters just can’t get enough.

Whether you're newly curious or simply want to know more about BDSM bondage gear, this article is designed to enlighten and guide you through the essentials of kinky adult toys, femdom toys, and other BDSM accessories. If you're considering exploring your boundaries and enhancing your sexual experiences, understanding the right tools and their uses is the first step.

"Punish me, daddy! I've been a bad girl..." Sound familiar? We love punishment kinks because they can add an extra layer of intensity and spice to BDSM play. But what is punishment kink, and how do you do it safely? Read on to find out!

Welcome to the thrilling journey into BDSM, a world where fantasies take shape, and the excitement knows no bounds. Whether you're new to the scene or curious about adding some spice to your love life, this guide is your first step toward exploring BDSM ideas and positions. "Sub Or Dom" invites you to discover the endless possibilities of bondage sex positions and tied-up fun. Let's dive in and unlock the door to a world of pleasure and adventure.

If you're intrigued by the world of BDSM and keen on exploring a dynamic of power and surrender, diving into mistress and sub relationships might be your next big adventure. For newcomers, understanding these relationships is crucial before embarking on this exciting journey. This article aims to shed light on the essence of mistress and sub dynamics, guiding you through how to find a mistress and finding a mistress who can lead you through the realms of BDSM with care and authority.

The BDSM world is a vast and vibrant space, teeming with different types of Doms and types of submissives, each bringing their own unique flavors to the scene. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, understanding the diverse types of BDSM roles can enhance your experiences and open up new realms of pleasure and power dynamics. This guide aims to shed light on the different types of dominants and submissive types, inviting you to explore your own desires and perhaps inspire you to join a community where fantasies become reality.

BDSM furniture refers to specially designed pieces that enhance the experiences of BDSM activities. They’re made to support various positions and practices, making the experience more comfortable, safer, and, of course, more thrilling. From simple designs to elaborate setups, BDSM furniture can cater to both beginners and experienced kinksters.

BDSM chat rooms are a gateway to explore and learn more about the world of bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism (BDSM). They offer a unique opportunity for newcomers to delve into their kinky side, engage in fetish chats, and connect with like-minded individuals. If you're new to the scene and curious about BDSM chatting, this guide is tailored to help you navigate BDSM chat rooms confidently and safely. By the end, you'll feel more equipped to engage in these exciting conversations, and who knows, you might even be encouraged to sign up for this BDSM dating site!

Do you love to be in the zone? Are you searching for those dizzying heights of pleasure, when you’re just overtaken by desire? Today we’re talking about subspace – that light, floaty feeling you get when you’re fully absorbed in your kink scene. So take a deep breath and relax your walls as we dive into the deepest recesses of your BDSM trance…

Intrigued? Well, read on because today, we’re talking about JOI – that’s Jerk Off Instructions. Ready to learn? Sit your kinky ass down and do as I say.

Wanna get your horny playmate all tied up? Looking to take your rope play to the next naughty level? Create elaborate rope patterns on your skin with the ancient Japanese erotic art of Shibari. Let’s explore…

Today, we’re chatting about sexual biting – a tasty kink that you can reaaaaally get your teeth into…

Do you love to feel that squishy tushy on your face as you’re gasping for air? As you’re slobbering as your beautiful queen’s juices drip all over your nose and mouth, savoring every drip of that delectable taste, inhaling all those sweet and sultry smells? Mmmmmmmm… That’s right, today we’re talking about face-sitting, queening and smothering, so lie yourself down, stick out your tongue, and let your voluptuous playmate take a seat.

Ready to bend your Sub over and give them a good caning? Wanna gag them and lock them up in chastity so they have to beg you to cum? Pull their hair, spit on them, slap them across their pretty face?

Do you love the feel of cool leather straps whipping against your soft skin? Do you beg your Master to sting your ass red and leave it glistening with sweat after a hard spanking? Today, we’re exploring the kinky world of slapping, caning, flogging, and whipping. Let’s take a long, hard look into all the implements you’ll need to have yourselves a spankin’ good time.

Do you love the lightning-sharp crack of a whip marking your soft skin in bright red welts? Does a good, hard spanking have you dripping wet with lust? Do clamps over your rock-hard nipples leave you writhing in erotic ecstasy? Ooooohhh yeah, we know the feeling. We’re gonna tell you exactly why we love pain so much, and how we can maximize the raunchy rewards of our BDSM for ultimate pleasure.

Do you fantasize about being taken from behind with your hands restrained above your head? Do you salivate at the thought of tying your playmate’s wrists and ankles to the bedposts? Ooooooft… Discover how to get all tied up (and why it feels sooooo good) in our sexy BDSM rope guide.

What are your turn-ons? Being tied to the bed? Having your pert nipples clamped tight? Bending over for a good, hard spanking? But what about giving away money or gifts just for the thrill of it? That’s right, today we’re talking Findom. Rinse me please, Goddess!

HAPPY NATIONAL KINK DAY! Wondering which movie to watch tonight?

Looking for a way to heat things up between the sheets, literally? How about a sexy cooling down session after a day in the sun this summer? A cold fan or opening the window - no thank you! Cubes of ice rubbed on our intimate areas? Oh, now you’re speaking our language. 🔥

We made it! Welcome to our final instalment of arousing sex toy ABCs that’ll have you clued up and charged up, ready for your next raunchy rendevouz. Let’s dive straight in then, shall we?

Your latest instalment into hot and spicy sex toys awaits!

We’re going back to basics, folks. This crash course into sex toys will having you reciting your your kinky ABCs in no time. Whether you’re new to toys or an experienced sexpert looking for the next step in your intimate pleasure quest, look no further...

Sexting can be a great way to keep sex on your brain even when you can’t get physical, and add lustful adventure to your playmates’ imaginations! You’re trying to pave the way toward orgasm, right? Then let’s get you there.

Welcome to your first crash course in kink! We’ve broken down the very basics of BDSM to equip you with all you need to know about the realities and practicalities of the practice before you jump headfirst into the dungeon.

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